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Generally speaking, there is a perennial problem of inadequate admission spaces for “prospective undergraduates” in Nigeria. According to analytics, between 1.6 and 1.8 million candidates reportedly sit for JAMB UTME exercise every year. (This number is increasing geometrically every year). Of this number, a given university (one as big as the University of Nigeria) receives an average of over 80, 000 applications for admission. Out of this number, as few as between 7000 and 9000 candidates gain the admission at the end of the day. Because of human inflation and the fact that too many candidates are chasing few admission chances, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and many other universities have devised a means of dealing with the excess applications they receive every year. That means is the famous POST-UTME/SCREENING examinations.


It is very obvious that, for most admission seekers into the UNN, passing JAMB/UTME is no longer a problem. The real problem is passing the UNN post-utme/screening examinations. Many candidates have been denied admission even though they had a very high score in JAMB UTME. They were screened out in the post-utme. For some candidates, this has been their story for years.  

What is the cause of this trend?

Because of the very large number of applications received by UNN and the fact that they have very limited admission spaces, they want to determine who will and who will not be able to cope with university education. So they set questions that “futurize” the education the candidates are currently receiving and not just questions from what their ordinary level has taught them. By so doing, UNN is able to select the very best and screen out the rest.  

HOW TO CONQUER UNN POST-UTME SCREENING EXAMINATIONS For reasons already given, it is now known that UNN can disregard the current JAMB Syllabus and go as far as setting questions from part 1 or part 2 of university students’ curriculum. It, therefore, amounts to lack of wisdom for any candidate who wants to matriculate after the examination to prepare for it using only ordinary level textbooks. You need to use books that are a little bit advanced. One book you cannot afford to miss is the UNN Admission Preparatory Handbook called  SURE SUCCESS.


SURE SUCCESS IN UNN POST-UTME & SCREENING EXAMINATIONS is specially prepared with the aim of reducing (or completely eliminating) the problems which confront candidates preparing for UNN post-utme/screening examinations. It contains actual UNN post-utme past questions solved in most practical and learning-friendly ways by experts in the various subjects. Efforts were made to not only provide the answers to the questions but also to give detailed explanations on why the answers so selected are the most suitable of all the options. It therefore offers plenty of opportunities for prospective lions and lionesses to have unlimited practice, improve their scores and gain easy admission to the one and only University of Nigeria to study their dream courses.


The good news is that out of the 60 questions set by UNN each year, more than 15 questions come from past question papers. That is why they don’t allow candidates to leave the hall with the question papers. But the unfortunate thing is that most candidates don’t get to see these past questions and those that see it, see it just a day or two to the exams. I’m sure you know the implication of seeing past questions very late. It is, therefore, highly recommended that you get your own copy of the book “Sure Success in UNN Post-Utme & DE Screening Examinations” (as early as possible) and begin to study and get used to the questions. To get your copy of “Sure Success”, Just Click this link below to view our Nationwide Distribution Outlets. >>LINK TO SURE SUCCESS NATIONWIDE DISTRIBUTION OUTLETS<<

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Henry Divine.

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